30 max connections
100 MB transfer / mo
5 MB cache 1
No encryption
$0.00 / mo
250 max connections
500 MB transfer / mo
25 MB cache 1
TLS encryption
$20.00 / mo
500 max connections
1 GB transfer / mo
50 MB cache 1
TLS encryption
$40.00 / mo
5000 max connections
10 GB transfer / mo
100 MB cache 1
TLS encryption
$200.00 / mo
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Max connections

The maximum number of clients you can have connected simultaneously.


All paid-for plans come with support for encryption (TLS/SSL).

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Custom plans

We can offer plans tailored to your project; wether it's just a tweaking of daily thoughput; a custom installation on a server in your own datacenter; or a hosted cluster.

Open source projects

Please Contact us if you're involved in an open source project and would like to use Hydna — we love open source and are positive that we can work something out.

Support- and consultation services

We offer premium support options and consultation services. Our experts can help with anything from custom backend infrastructure, to guidance on choice of web technologies.